What is a CRM?
A CRM is a software that allows you to boost sales, automate interaction with clients, and manage internal business processes.
What features will I have to pay for?
Friday CRM is completely free. You won’t have to pay for anything.
How long will Friday CRM be free?
Friday CRM is guaranteed to be free-of-charge forever to all users who have already signed up, but the deadline is coming soon.
How can I create an account on Friday CRM?
Just type in your business email on the home page, https://fridaycrm.com/, follow a few simple steps, and check out the demo. Confirm your email address and receive an email with a login and a password.
I still haven’t got my confirmation email. What should I do?
Check the spam folder. If you don’t find an email there, write to us about the problem at support@fridaycrm.com.
How do I get a password to a Friday CRM account?
You get the link to your account and the password to it after you have filled in your email on our homepage, https://fridaycrm.com/, and follow a few simple steps to complete registration.
How can I connect my Friday CRM to other services like Proposal Makers?
It is possible to integrate Friday CRM with other platforms with the help of an API.
Is there web integration?
It is possible to integrate your website with Friday CRM via the API (importing orders and contacts into the CRM from your website). After free and quick registration, you will find actual API documentation: Global Settings (gear icon) → Getting data on Fri → API integration.
Is Friday CRM suitable for all businesses?

Friday CRM perfectly suits small businesses. Friday CRM is not idea for large real estate agencies, banks, or the food service industry.

It excellent for

Moreover, the free CRM is ideal for agents in Marketing, Advertising, Travel, Insurance, Design, and Translation.

I don’t have a business email through Google. How can I integrate my email with Friday CRM?
  • Create a free Gmail account
  • Set up your current email for forwarding to Gmail
  • Integrate Friday CRM with Gmail
Can I use a CRM when my clients are individuals?
Yes. The main function of CRMs is to collect, store, and use information about clients. It doesn’t matter if you collaborate with companies or individuals.
Is it possible to install Friday CRM on my server?
No, because Friday CRM is provided as an Internet-based service.
Are CRMs, ERPs, EAMs, Proposal Makers, Project Manager, and Accounting Software all the same?

No, these programs perform completely different tasks.

A CRM is a customer relationship management system that stores all the details about clients and collaboration history with them. It’s a system that saves information about the deal from the outset.

  • An ERP’s features include: Financial Management, Distribution and Shipping, Supply Chain Management, E-commerce, and Inventory Management.
  • An EAM is used to monitor physical assets.
  • A Proposal Maker creates commercial offers for potential clients. Project Manager Software helps employees collaborate with each other within a business.
  • Accounting software is related to financial processes, such as billing or payroll, etc.
Can I integrate Friday CRM with Ringcentral?
Absolutely. Integrating with RingCentral is easy enough. In addition, Friday CRM has several other VoIP providers and supports custom integration via API.
Do you have a manual / user guide?