Free CRM for Сustomer Service
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Free CRM for Сustomer Service

Have relationships with clients been crumbled from an awful customer experience? To provide outstanding customer support or maintenance service, you need to launch a CRM in your company. The CRM is not a helpdesk system, but it is enough for a small team. A free CRM is a good option for small businesses. But when choosing the right CRM for your company, you may run into some restrictions. Friday CRM is a CRM without any gotchas and limitations. It also includes all the basic functions you expect, like an unlimited number of inquiries and contacts, IP telephony integration, Gmail or G Suite integration, and database exporting. It’s perfectly suited for customer support departments.

This is why the Friday CRM system is regularly used by small businesses to provide satisfactory service to their customers. 

Basic Functions

  • Funnel tracking
  • Contact management
  • Cloud-based CRM
  • Gmail/G Suite/Calendar Integration 
  • Email marketing
  • Integration with IP telephony
  • Mobile-friendly
  • API to integrate with other services 
  • Team productivity tracker

Customer & Inquiry Management

  • Handle customer inquiries
  • Inquiry monitoring at each stage
  • Activity management
  • Inquiry categorization 
  • Set custom fields in inquiry profiles

Customer Support Tools

  • Customer interaction history
  • Phone numbers hidden for security 
  • Speed dialing
  • CRM system notes
  • Inbound and outbound call recording 
  • Call duration report
  • Inquiry reports

Customer Management

  • Customer Service Pipeline
  • CRM system notifications
  • Custom fields in contact profiles
  • Customer database management
  • Customer categorization

Calendar & Task Management

  • Task creation and scheduling 
  • Assign tasks to an inquiry or contact profiles  
  • Overdue task monitoring
  • Get notifications and reminders
  • Comment on tasks
  • Create public and private tasks

If you are looking for a free CRM for your customer service department, sign up right now. Friday CRM has already been launched in more than 50 customer service departments. Now they never miss an inquiry.

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