Free CRM for Nonprofits
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Free CRM for Nonprofits

A nonprofit organization doesn’t sell anything. However,  that doesn’t mean there is no need for a CRM. Monitoring charitable events and sponsors is a tough task. Not to mention remembering to send out reminders about forthcoming events or to call organizers. Nonprofit workers need a CRM. But how to choose a CRM when you can’t afford any additional expenses? Think free CRMs. But be careful of the limitations. Friday CRM doesn’t have any gotchas or pitfalls and includes all the basic functions that any organization can’t do without.  

This is why nonprofits often use the Friday CRM system. 

Basic Functions

  • Sponsor database 
  • Cloud-based CRM system
  • API 
  • Gmail/Calendar Synchronization  
  • Email marketing
  • IP Telephony Integration 
  • Mobile responsive 

Sponsor & Donation Management

  • Monitor fundraising events
  • Custom fields in donation profiles
  • Lead sponsors to the last stage — donation
  • Qualify processes easily
  • Activity tracker

Fundraising tools

  • Raise funds easily 
  • Donar collaboration history
  • Speed dialing 
  • Call recording 
  • CRM activity notes 
  • Number of donations made

Sponsor Management

  • Donor segmentation 
  • Sponsor profile customization 
  • Activity notifications attached to a certain sponsor
  • Sponsor database management

Task & Calendar Management

  • Scheduling tasks
  • Monitor open and overdue tasks 
  • Google Calendar sync 
  • Attach tasks to sponsor or donation profiles  
  • Get notifications and reminders about new tasks
  • Leave comments on task profiles

If you are on the lookout for the best CRM for nonprofit organizations, go to the Friday CRM home page and sign up for free. More than 50 NGOs and NPOs have already launched Friday CRM, and now they have a free, useful tool to monitor donations and sponsors.

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