Free CRM for Consultants
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Free CRM for Consultants

Are you fed up with popups constantly reminding you that you’ve reached the limit? These notifications have slowed down work in your company more than once. How many times was it that you couldn’t send an email or make a call? Here, you desperately need a free CRM without any annoying popups and limits. That’s where Friday CRM comes in. It includes all the essential functions, like an unlimited number of contacts and deals, Gmail/G Suite integration, IP telephony integration, and database exporting. Friday CRM is suitable for a life coach, an independent consultant, or a consulting firm.  

That’s why life coaches and consultants have already expressed their preference for Friday CRM. Sign up right now here. 

Basic Functions

  • Pipeline management software
  • Web-based CRM
  • Client database
  • Integration with Gmail and G Suite 
  • Email marketing
  • Integration with IP telephony
  • Automatic call recording
  • Integration with other services via API
  • Employee time & productivity tracker
  • Mobile friendly

Client Management

  • Full Sales Cycle Management
  • Client profile customization 
  • Collaboration history in a profile
  • Sales activity analysis in profiles(emails, calls, etc)
  • Customer filtering
  • Hide phone numbers for data security

Consultant CRM Sales Tools

  • All client interactions in one place
  • Price of consulting services provided
  • Speed dialing and call recording
  • Track deals from initial requests
  • Sales activity management
  • Data filters
  • Personnel productivity tracker
  • Team collaboration

Calendar & Task Management

  • Create tasks right on a deal or contact profile
  • Open, completed, and overdue task tracker
  • Delegate tasks
  • Schedule consultations or other events 
  • Time & productivity tracker
  • Employee daily reports In TimeTracker
  • Get push and email notifications about new tasks
  • Set task visibility
  • Leave comments on task profiles

Lead & Deal Management

  • Qualify processes easily
  • Successfully lead clients through funnel
  • Monitor all client interactions and sales activities in deal profiles
  • Convert customers to sales with ease
  • Smooth client distribution
  • Unlimited custom fields

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