1. Deal
  2. Contact
  3. Activity

The system provides four separate interfaces for every of these entities.

System navigation which allows accessing the necessary interface

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This is a key element of the CRM which is generated when a client (lead) demonstrates a potential for buying (making a Deal), whether through the client’s inquiry or active sales.

Deals are created manually by a user or automatically (e.g., when an inquiry is received from the website).

A list of Deals is displayed by the specialized interface. It is understood that a Deal may have stages of business processes (pipelinel). Other Deal data are described below in the summary about the interface.

The Deal is usually related to a contact (company and/or person) and different types of activities.

Screenshot of the page with Deal profile
Screenshot of the page with list of Deals


This is an element of the client base.

A contact may be

  • a company (whether separately or with related persons)
  • a person (whether separately or with the related company). For example, it may be one of the company’s representatives or an individual client.

The list of contacts is displayed by the special interface. Other contact data is described below in the interface summary.

A contact is provided in the client’s profile, which reflects current information about the client: name / company name, email, phone number, etc.

You can find examples below in the summary.

The contacts are created manually by a user or automatically (e.g., when inquiry is received from the website).

How to upload contacts? Importing contacts into Friday CRM is described in the summary below.

Usually, the contact (company and/or person) is linked with the Deals and various types of managerial activities.


These are some of the following types of activities (about actions that have already taken place)

  • missed calls, incoming and outgoing (created automatically)
  • email messages (incoming and outgoing) containing text (created automatically)
  • system notes (created automatically, e.g., about a change in the Deal stage or a request received from the website)
  • users’ notes – the fact of completed activity or the result (e.g., the result of communication with a client or the fact of shipment with tracking number, etc.)

Users’ notes are created on the page of the corresponding Deal or contact without the possibility to edit after the fact. It is recommended to provide notes with tags (set by an administrator). Tags enable viewing quantitative characteristics of the work completed within a selected period along with other data (flexible configurable filtration). Examples of note tags: #meeting, #qualification, #presentation, etc.

Screenshot of the page with users’ notes
Screenshot of the page with system notes

Learn more about Activities in the summary below.