Are you unsure if your managers are working at top efficiency? Do you want to keep track of managers’ productivity? You can do it easily in Friday CRM.

Do you want to know how many calls a certain manager does daily?

With the activities interface and filters, you can track it. How to do it? Go to Activities. As you can see, all the activities that have been performed by your managers are displayed in the system. The task before us is to sort them and get a list of calls made as a result. Click Add filter. In the new field, you can see a lot of parameters to which your filtering may be applied.

Would you like to know the number of calls your manager has made?

To do it, check the name of a certain manager, then in “Calls,” check outbound. If you are only interested in calls answered choose the option Answered as well. In Days, select the dates of your interest. If you are planning to monitor the manager’s performance every day, you can choose ‘Today’ in the dropdown menu Offset.

Outbound Calls

Finally, at the bottom click Apply. And you have got your results. At the top, you can see the number of calls and companies your manager has interacted with today.

Do you want to keep track of your team’s work on a daily basis?

You can save this filter. Fill out the name of the filter at the top and click Save.

Now you have this filter saved in your system, and there is no need to select criteria every time you open the Activities interface. Just click on the filter’s name and the system displays your results.

Do you want to know how many emails your managers send?

Finding out requires following the same steps.

Check the names of managers, in Emails select outbound, then dates and, finally, Apply.

If you monitor this activity regularly, we advise you to save this filter.

Monitoring more sophisticated results of managers is also feasible in Friday CRM

For instance, you’d like to know the details of presentations that have been held. With the note function managers are able to record such data. These kinds of notes should be tagged. You may set up tags in Settings beforehand. Afterwards in the same interface, in Notes, you can check the tag of interest. Don’t forget to select the manager and dates in advance. And after pressing the button Apply, you get the details desired.

You have read a few basic steps of categorizing managers’ activities. You have realised how easy it is. Doesn’t matter if you are an architect or a contractor, you will definitely be able to follow these steps in your Friday CRM account.

Time Tracker

To evaluate productivity, do not miss another opportunity. Using a daily report tool you will see an automatic calculation of the number of calls and more. Read more about Time Tracker.