All the communication that you have with the client is displayed in the profile. But what about communication inside the company? 

What to do if we want to see all the correspondence with our colleagues in Friday CRM?

Go to the deal that requires the most attention right now. In its profile click Actions and choose Discuss. Here you can discuss the deal or the contact. Select what suits you the most. As soon as you choose it, the new window opens in which you are able to compose the letter and send it to all members of your team at the same time. 

The whole information about a deal is in the email

All the recipients and the link to the company and its deal are added automatically. The only thing you need to do is to compose a letter. Then click Send.

Now the whole team has been informed about the situation and you can find a solution cooperatively.

How to set up the list of recipients’ emails?

You can set up the list of recipients’ emails in General Settings under Settings.

Emails for discussion

Correspondence with your team is attached to the history of a Deal or company.

Have you made sure that it is super easy? Anybody from a non-profit worker to a contactor can follow these steps.