The key to prospering in business is collaboration among employees. With Friday CRM your whole team can work simultaneously  and, as a result, your business will run like clockwork.

Add users in the settings

In Settings-Users’ Access click the top-left button ‘Add users’. In the new window enter email addresses in the fields. Afterwards, don’t forget to press the button ‘Add users’. And the system notifies you that you have added other users successfully.

Add users

Friday CRM sends confirmations emails

Now those invitations to your account have been sent to your employees. To log in, they need to check their emails. Friday CRM sends an email with a link to the account and a password.

Have your employees activated their accounts?

Let’s go back to Settings-Users to see if new users have activated their accounts or not. As you may guess, ‘Yes’ opposite the name means that a person has logged in successfully and ‘No’ that they don’t have Admin rights.

Doesn’t matter if you work in  a non-profit organization or you are in charge of a customer service department, it is easy to follow these simple rules and your employees will be working as a team even if they are scattered all over the world.