How to monitor emails in the CRM? 

It’s easy to monitor Gmails in free Friday CRM. After signing up you should follow a few steps. Make sure that the users with G Suite or Gmail have been added to the CRM in advance. And when you log into a Friday CRM account, log in with Google.

How to see all emails in the profile?

To see all emails in the profile of a deal or a customer, you need to integrate your Friday CRM with a Google account.

Now let’s take a look at how to do it.

A few steps to integrate Friday CRM with a Google account 

Go to the icon in the top corner and click it. In the popup box choose, ‘Personal settings’ and click ‘Integration with Gmail’.

Personal Setting

In Friday CRM it is easy to customise integration with your Gmail account. You can use your Gmail only to receive emails, send them or allow other users to send emails. When you have checked tick boxes, press the button Activate integration.  

You are redirected to the Google authorization page. The system asks you for permission to give access to Friday CRM. Click ‘Allow’. 

On the top, you can see the successful integration message.

Now you can see the notes about inbound and outbound emails in your activities. 

How to compose an email?

The first way is to make an email in the interface of a company, a contact, or a deal.

Go to the deals interface and open any deal and click Send email. As you can see the fields From and To are automatically filled out. In case of a few available emails in your account you may select a proper one in the drop-down menu in the field To.

When you finish composing your email, click Send.

Another way 

The second way is to click on an email link and compose an email in your default mail program

The system has stored this note about this kind of activity. 

What if I have multiple email accounts?

For the multi-user email, there’s a solution, too. In ‘Settings’ in the ‘Users Access’ tab, you should fill in the business emails of all your managers, then integrate each of them.

Anybody from customer service departments to consulting firms is able to follow these simple steps and connect their Friday CRM account to Google Gmail and start getting emails right away.