You use a Gmail account at your work constantly. Most of us have more than one gmail account to separate one correspondence from the rest. You must be wondering how many accounts you can create in Google. 

In this article, you are going to get an answer to your question and learn how to manage multiple email accounts in Gmail. Additionally, you will familiarize yourself with a free, handy tool to work with your accounts.

How many Gmail accounts can you have?

From one IP-address we have managed to sign up for three accounts for a short period of time. And you can verify your accounts with one phone number. To create more accounts you may have have more phone numbers and use proxies. As for virtual numbers, Google rarely sends Messages to them. If you have already created your accounts, singing up won’t be a problem. Google makes the email management process rather comfortable, as you can sign into multiple accounts at once and switch between them without having to sign out and in all the time. We managed to work with 7 accounts simultaneously in one browser

How to manage multiple email accounts?

Switching between accounts can seem quite inconvenient to some of us, especially if they have more than three email addresses. That’s why they look for the function to manage multiple email accounts from one place. Here let’s talk about one of the Gmail tricks.In Settings, under the option menu icon you can set up migration of emails from other addresses. Afterwards, you will be able to check your inbound emails in one inbox. 

There is an alternative way to deal with a group of accounts you may have

Friday CRM is a free crm that will allow you to not only manage your multiple email accounts in Gmail, but  also your contacts and details about collaboration with them.

Email management 

Friday CRM helps you monitor all email history in one place. You don’t have to add filters to sort correspondence with a certain client. On Friday CRM, it is made automatically. Open any contact’s profile and look through the collaboration history from the outset.

How to connect your Gmail accounts to Friday CRM?

You can create extra users for each Gmail address that you possess. In the settings, after clicking Add Users, fill out names and addresses. The system sends invitation emails to them. Check your emails, and sign into the new users’ accounts, and in each of them integrate Friday CRM with Gmail. Before clicking Activate integration, check Allow Sending Emails. Afterwards, you will receive all inbound emails right in Friday CRM.

Are you wondering if you can send emails on Friday CRM?

You definitely can! Right on the contact’s profile click an email link and the familiar Gmail interface opens where you can compose your text. You are able to send messages from any email address you want. Just choose the one necessary in the field From. Or if you need to send a short message, just click at the top Email and write your message. And here you are also able to choose an address from which you want to send an email.

You have just read how to monitor your multiple emails. It will perfectly suit any small business from contracting companies to design companies.