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Free CRM for Design Agencies

While looking for a free CRM, managers all face the same problem — you hit the limits fast, with popups constantly reminding you of this. These kinds of notifications and limits may slow down work in your company. Here, you really need a free-of-charge solution without any pitfalls and gotchas. That’s where Friday CRM comes in. The CRM is able to grant you an unlimited number of contacts or deals created, emails sent, and calls made. Friday CRM is suitable for graphic design and web design companies, and even for an independent designer.

That is the reason why the Friday CRM system is used by a variety of design companies. Sign up right away here.

Basic Functions for a Web Design Company

  • Full sales funnel management
  • Client database
  • Integration with Gmail and G Suite
  • IP telephony integration
  • Connection with other services via API
  • Mailchimp email marketing
  • Call recording
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Team productivity
  • Cloud-based CRM

Customer Management

  • Full sales cycle management
  • Profile customization
  • CRM notes about activities done (emails, calls, etc.)
  • Collaboration history in a profile
  • Customer filtering
  • Phone numbers hidden

Sales Tools for a Design Agency

  • Price of projects won or lost
  • Call recording
  • Project tracking at each stage
  • Speed calling
  • Sales activity management
  • Team productivity

Calendar & Task Management

  • Assign tasks to project, contact, or user profiles
  • Track open, completed, and overdue tasks
  • Monitor deadlines
  • Time tracker
  • Daily manager reports

Lead & Deal Management

  • Unlimited custom fields in deal profiles
  • System notes about sales activities in project profiles
  • Qualify processes easily
  • Successfully lead your clients through funnel
  • Convert leads to sales
  • Ease of client distribution

To get more time to do what you love, creating logo design or websites, sign up and stay informed about current projects with Friday CRM. More than 300 design companies have already launched Friday CRM. Now searching for details about clients or projects doesn’t waste time.

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