Friday CRM displays information about contacts calling, plays recorded calls, counts the time of phone calls and has many other functions thanks to its integration with Internet telephony. 

Feature and operating principles of telephony for Friday CRM are described below in the summary.

How IP Telephony works

There is quite a simple Internet telephony service (PBX). It means that an Internet preset telephone server with a phone number is provided to a company and the only thing to do in the company’s office is to connect a telephone set to the Internet. Old phone numbers remain valid due to calls retransmitting. As for the rest, the calling procedure does not differ from the normal one except for saving time on calls and improving the quality of service (it is described in the functionality).

What kind of service is used

Of the many services that were tested, Zadarma has turned out to be the most stable.

Step-by-step plan of setting up the telephone system is provided below in the summary.