So you’ve decided to join Friday CRM – a simple, smart CRM system.


Friday CRM enables you to integrate your Gmail and Google Calendar.

Integration With Gmail

To contact your email, first click on the left-hand top corner tab. Then personal settings. In the new window, choose Integration With Gmail. Click Activate Integration. And you can see that the system informs us about the requirement and tells us ‘please relog in with Google’. The same error pops up when we synchronize with Google Calendar.

How to solve the problem?

To solve this problem, you need to log out.

Here you don’t log into our account like you usually do, but sign in with Google. Then go back to personal settings.

And click again on the button. Finally, we get a message about a successful bi-directional sync with Gmail. Once the settings have been completed, the inbound and outbound emails will be displayed in the history of activities.

Can I synchronize with Google Calendar?

If you want to sync with Google Calendar, repeat the chain of steps and make sure you have signed up with Google in advance.

Everyone can follow these simple steps to automate the work in an Google account or a customer service department.