Do you know how Gmail can help you in your work?

Sending emails is an inextricable part of your work routine. However, there are some features that are able to improve your productivity if you have learned them.

Right now you’re going to learn about some Gmail features. And as a bonus, you will find out how to make your work with Gmail more comfortable and well-organized.

How to filter email in Gmail

Imagine that you regularly receive emails from one client. And you want to filter out his correspondence from the rest. This is where Filtering comes in. You can set up a filter that will label all the inbound emails from the priority client in the future. 

How to set up a labeling filter?

Open the email from your client, click the More options icon and choose Filter messages like these. In the newly open menu you fill out extra details such as an email subject or words that emails must include or not. Then click Create filter. 

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to manage your emails. In our case choose Apply the label and add the label desired. Don’t forget to click the button Create filter. Afterwards, all the correspondence from your top client will be labeled.

How to multitask and not to forget to do anything?

The tabs Calendar and Tasks are your saviors. Open the Google Calendar and add a note about forthcoming event. Save it. And now it’s automatically added to your tasks list.

What if you need to send an email outside of your working time?

In this case use, schedule send. After composing an email click on the arrow sign next to the button Send and pick the date.

Don’t like the email you have just sent? 

Undo it. To set up this function go to the settings and choose the number of seconds after which you can cancel sending. Now once you have sent an email, you can undo it.

It is not enough 

There have been some tips to boost your productivity in Gmail. However, only Gmail is not enough to manage relationships with your clients.

Friday CRM is the solution. It is a free tool that will bring order to your correspondence with your clients and help improve relationships with them.

The whole correspondence is one place 

Now you can see all the emails you and your client have sent to each other in one place. There is no need to create filters and labels. Open a deal’s contacts profile and here it is: the whole history is stored. 

Add your task right into a deal’s or contact’s card

And you will never miss a meeting or forget to send important documents. Due to integration with Gmail and Google Calendar you are able to synchronize all your tasks with Google Calendar. Now all your daily tasks are both on Friday CRM and in Google Calendar (Gmail).

You can send emails right on Friday СRM using the function Email for short messages 

The function Shedule sending is also available here. Or if you have gotten used to the default Gmail interface, just click on the email link and the familiar window opens where you can easily compose your email and take advantage of the functions Schedule  send and Undo sending. 

What else can Friday CRM do?

Friday CRM is not only designed to manage your emails, but also to keep your contacts. Additionally, what is more important, it is a tool that stores all information concerning collaboration with your clients: meetings, negotiations, deal processes and calls. Open any contact’s profile and monitor interaction with them from the first contact.

With Friday CRM you will always keep your ear to the ground and never lose track of your business. It perfectly suits any consulting firm or agency.