Do you want to get a consistent sales income? To achieve it you need to have a well-established sales pipeline.

The sales pipeline shows ongoing sales and deals that you can close in the near future. 

How to set up your sales pipeline in Friday CRM? 

Let’s go to ‘Settings’. Choose ‘Pipeline’ Tab and click ‘Add Pipeline’. Fill out the name of our future funnel and set stages. You can insert as many stages as you need clicking ‘Add Stage’. To make your working process more comfortable choose the color for each of the stages. At the end, don’t forget to save changes. 

Add Pipeline

Track your sales pipeline

Now that you’ve created all your sales pipelines, you can look at the ‘dashboard” to track them. Here you can see in the handy table how many deals there are at any stage. Doesn’t matter how many sales pipelines you have, they all will be displayed here. Besides, you can analyze the efficiency of lead resources.

What happens when we create a deal?

Go to ‘Deals’ and make a new deal. In the profile of the deal input all mandatory and optional details. Select the stage. Afterwards, in filters you can see our new pipeline and choose one of the stages to sort out deals. Additionally, information about the new deal is also displayed in dashboard in our new funnel. 

What does the closed deal mean?

The closed deal means a deal that has been won. If a lead crosses through all your stages, he becomes your customer and you can feel free to choose ‘Win’ in the drop-down list.

Friday CRM is an easy-to-use system to manage your sales funnel and monitor each deal. Don’t postpone setting up your own pipeline. Don’t be afraid to try it out. And then you will definitely succeed, no matter if you just work in a Google account or in a customer service department.