If you want a lead to go through all the stages of your pipeline and close a deal successfully, you need to follow three simple rules in CRM.

Record all incoming leads and create deals with them

To implement it, you need to integrate your Friday CRM with all your sources of customers, for example, your website.

Second rule

Once you get a new deal or create it manually, you can get to work with it. And that’s where we come to the second rule: to lead a client from one stage to another.

Pipeline settings

In Friday CRM you can establish your pipeline in the settings beforehand. Then change its stages step-by-step as your lead goes forward through your funnel until you ‘win’ the deal.

Never leave a deal without a task

How to do it in Friday CRM? In the profile of the deal in the top corner click ‘Create a task’, input a name, date and extra comments. In Friday CRM the time when the task ends is more important than when it starts. If you don’t complete a task, it will be displayed as the overdue one in the task-list.

Creating a task

You’ve heard three simple business rules in CRM. If you follow them, your lead will definitely turn into your customer. To find out how to create a pipeline in Friday CRM, watch the video ‘How to set up a pipeline’.

These tips work well for small businesses, from designers to agencies.