Friday CRM provides for generation of a list of established communication channels via the corresponding Settings subsection: Settings -> Channels.

All channels are logically divided into incoming and outgoing ones; they are specified by the CRM administrator based on the methods of communication with clients important to the company.

For example, it may be:

  • Request from website
  • Incoming call
  • Incoming letter
  • Outgoing call
  • Meeting in office
  • Et al.
Channels Setting

The section has the following options: 

  • Add new channel
  • Rename the existing channel
  • Classify channel as incoming/outgoing
  • Change sequence of interface
  • Delete communication channel

Available choices of channels are displayed in the dropdown list when generating a Deal. 

While editing it, you should select required channel which will be shown on the order page. 

The channel can also be used as filtration parameter in the Deals section that ensures, for example, viewing of orders received from the website or through cold calling.

This approach demonstrates the number of incoming requests and sharing of the Deals that were made as a result of active sales and helps to evaluate the effectiveness of a particular communication channel as well as the degree of its involvement in the working process.

Displaying channel on the Deal page