Check out our demo video on this topic

If you need more details about the company, contact or deal, you can set up custom fields.

Setting up custom fields

Go to Settings -> Custom Fields tab. Select the interface in which you want to add additional fields: company, contact or deal. In the field you can see three elements: 

  1. the drop-down menu to choose the field type
  2. the field to input the name of the field 
  3. field parameters

There are nine options of field types. 

  • Single-Line text (for adding some extra information).
  • Number (for adding some numerac information.
  • Single checkout can be used when you need to check off if the company has one vital parameter or not.
  • Dropdown select option lets you add specific criteria to the company’s interface.
  • Multiple checkboxes allows you to check off as many criteria as you need.
  • Date picker (for adding dates in the interface).
  • Link to add websites other online information.
  • Multi-line text lets you paste a detailed description of the company.
  • Radio select works like Dropdown select, but creates another form.

If you need to find the company that meets you specific criteria, you can clarify your request in filters. In some situations it is advisable to use tags instead of custom fields to categorize deals, companies or contacts.

Check out our demo video on this topic