Making a list of users and defining their status (active/blocked, administrator) are the default settings which enable employees’ access to the system and scope of their authorities within the system.

For this purpose the system has the Settings -> Users, Access section.

Settings -> Users. Access interface
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Adding a new user requires entering the name and email of the employee into the specified form, as well as defining his/her active status by adding a checkmark to the corresponding parameter. The section also has a feature to delete employees from the list of CRM users and to edit their personal settings.

Adding a new user

Advanced settings when adding the new user or editing profile of the existing one allow:

  • Changing user’s login password
  • Setting user’s interface language
  • Entering extension IP phone number of employee
  • Granting / denying access to CRM
  • Granting / denying access to Time Tracker
  • Limiting access to CRM and Time Tracker with a IP address whitelist
  • Generating an individual list of tasks for the Time Tracker
  • Indicating links to the documents available for view by user
Advanced settings of the Time Tracker for a user

The user list generated is available for editing.