How IP Telephony works

There is quite a simple internet telephony service (PBX). It means that a preset Internet telephone server with a telephone number is provided to a company and the only thing to be done in the company’s office is to connect a telephone to the Internet. In this case, PBX is interconnected with Friday CRM.

It is possible to call from

  1. Desktop
  2. Smartphone or tablet
  3. Fixed-line IP-phone
  4. Call back (CallBack)

What kind of service is used and how to learn more

Of the many services that were assessed, Zadarma has proved to be the most stable one. 

Alternative 1. Interception of incoming calls only

This is sometimes applied in the first stages when a company lacks resources to switch over to a new model of telephone system. The company connects to internet telephony but keeps on receiving calls via the usual line on its prior phone numbers. Disadvantages: information on outgoing calls is unavailable in the CRM.

Alternative 2. Connecting office to full–featured telephony

Perfect alternative for internet telephony in the office. Advantages: all calls are displayed in CRM to monitor service; dialing is available in one click and other clear advantages.

How much does telephony cost?

It is quite affordable. Only the telephony service is charged. The cost depends on the number of calls made. Using a direct number from any city in the world and without excessive calls the cost is often around $20/month for small business.