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Qualification refers to assigning priority to a new client via a questionnaire.

The qualification usually appears as an assessment of the client carried out by the employee according to a form prepared in advance which helps to identify the initial stage of the client’s interest and the essential scope of their needs.

Frequently, due to its flexibility, the qualification is created on the basis of Google Forms, where a list of qualification questions and possible responses are preset.

A link to this form (Qualification) is entered in Settings -> General settings. It appears in the Deals section in the upper right corner and may be added to the browser bookmark for quick access.

Link to Qualification

When multiple Qualification forms are available, a link to the online document with a list of qualification questionnaires is indicated.

Upon completion of the qualification process, a URL of the completed qualification is entered in corresponding field under the editing function of the Deal, which ensures quick access to the client’s responses.

Link to Qualification

Based on the Qualification results 

  • Deal is assigned with priority А (high), В (medium) or С (low)
  • tags characterizing needs and other items are assigned
  • or any other classification is made according to internal specifics of the business

As the Deal develops, the priority may be changed.

Assigning priority to the Deal