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The Discuss function allows to communicate with colleagues inside the company.

The Discuss is available both in the Deal and in the Company profile. To find it open the Deal/Company/Contact profile, click Actions and in the drop-down menu select Discuss. You can discuss the deal, the contact and the company.

Discuss button on the Deal/contact page.

By clicking the button, the system sends information to the email application installed by the user by default. If the application is properly configured, the email form with the text having a link to the Deal or contact under discussion will be displayed automatically. 

Company name/Deal and CRMID are listed as subject and– based on this feature– emails are identified. This should not be deleted from the email.

List of recipients is automatically shown in the address bar. Email addresses may be added or deleted manually.

Sending an email for discussion. Gmail Interface.

The list of email addresses which are automatically inserted into a letter can be changed in the section Settings -> General settings.

Interface of General settings page

Correspondence (with identifier in the subject field) is attached to the history of Deal or company as separate emails with indication of date and time of their sending, their content, and addresses of the sender and recipient.

Emails sent under Discuss are marked with a special icon.

An example of setting up Gmail for Google Chrome as the default email client is given here.