Availability of the filtration option makes it possible to select relevant activities which meet the set parameters.

For example, all incoming messages for a defined period or calls missed by a certain manager.

Example of activities filtration

The number of activities which meet the requirements can be found by using the Count results option. For example, the number of missed calls, unanswered messages or phone calls, number of companies, and notes marked with a particular tag, etc. 

Results are shown in the left top corner of the page: 

  • total number of requested types of activities and
  • number of companies related to a certain type of activities

For example, the manager made 229 outgoing calls to 80 clients during a day.

Counting results

This information is useful when analyzing the effectiveness of managers’ work.

Examples of activities list filtration choices

  • Outgoing calls (and their number) made by Manager during the day
  • Outgoing calls marked with #ColdCalling tag
  • All incoming calls (and their number) made by potential clients during a week
  • Incoming calls (and their number) received by Manager
  • Incoming calls (and their number) received by department
  • Missed calls on the previous day
  • Activity with #Meeting tag for Manager during a month
  • Activity with #Qualification tag for the period of interest
  • Outgoing messages sent by Manager
  • and dozens of other useful combinations