Notes reflect the event of completed activity or result (e.g., result of communication with client or event of shipment with tracking number, etc.)

Users’ notes are created on the page of the corresponding Deal or contact and there is no possibility of editing after the fact.It is recommended to provide notes with tags (set by administrator). 

Note tags in this interface give the possibility of seeing quantitative indexes of the work completed in selected period and other data (flexible configurable filtration).

Entering user’s note

Examples of note tags:

  • #Qualification
  • #Presentation
  • #Meeting_office
  • #Meeting_out
  • #Commercial_offer
  • #Invoice_sent
  • #Call_outgoing_cold
  • #Call_outgoing_loyalty
  • #Call_incoming

Some tags are not needed when the email history or calls are uploaded in an automatic mode. Tags are added and edited by the administrator.