Check out our demo video on this topic
  • To check if users have integrated their emails or not, go to Settings -> Users, Access. If you see the Gmail icon opposite users, it means that they have contacted their emails and Friday CRM. The system displays how the user has customised integration (sending/receiving emails or allowing others to use it) when you hover over the icon.
  • If you do not want certain emails to be  imported into Friday CRM, you can set up move-to-trash. In this case they won’t be displayed in your account because emails  from “Trash” and “Spam” folders are not uploaded.
  • If you want to set up integration with other emails, you need to add a new user. In another browser (or New Incognito Window) log into a Google account that you would like to connect to Friday CRM. Then open the login Friday CRM page and sign in with Google. In Personal Settings set up the integration with another email.