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The Dashboard allows you to get the data about the past and current deals and analyze them.

There are four options: 

  • Pipeline, 
  • Sources, 
  • Deals in progress  
  • Sources of winning Deals. 

In Pipeline you can see the chart of your funnels. Above each funnel you can see the total  amount of money and the number of deals. If you click  on any stage of the funnel, the directory with them opens in the new page. 

To know how many deals the manager has at each stage, at the top in the drop-down menu you can choose a manager. Additionally, you can pick dates to find out how many deals at each stage the manager had in a certain period of time.

In Sources you can analyze the efficiency of different lead sources. There is the table with the following parameters:

  • the average size deal won 
  • deals won
  • deals lost 
  • deals  in progress
  • total amount

Looking at this table we can determine which source attracts the most leads.

In Deals in progress  you can see the chart of all deals at every stage during the whole time.

In Sources of winning Deals that chart of the sources is displayed. It shows only the sources that have brought the successful deals. It’s possible to get the results for various  periods of time: two months, half a year and year.