Small business CRM
Friday CRM is a free, online CRM that can speed up the sales process in your small business organization.

Budget-Friendly CRM for small business

Why is a CRM so valuable for small businesses? At the beginning of their journeys,  the first problem they face is streamlining. They want to attract more customers, increase revenue, and automate workflow. A CRM is the very thing they can’t do without. Before choosing a CRM among other options, small business organizations should bear in mind that a CRM must organize your data, integrate with other tools, be affordable, give an overview of current deals, and be easy-to-use. That’s where Friday CRM comes in. The interface has all the basic features: integration with Gmail and Google Calendar, telephony, a productivity tracker, a sales pipeline, and detailed deal/contact profiles. Moreover, it’s completely free and doesn’t have any overwhelming tools.

Friday CRM doesn’t have any nagging notifications or other gotchas. Make outbound calls, send emails right from Friday CRM, and create as many deals or contacts as you want. 

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Essential Features

  • Contact management
  • Web-based CRM
  • Free responsive
  • API
  • Integration with Google
  • Google Calendar integration
  • Sales funnel overview
  • IP telephony
  • Personnel time & productivity tracker

100% Free All-in-One CRM

  • Simple lead qualification
  • Call with one click
  • Limitless number of tasks
  • No nagging notifications
  • No data caps
  • Export and import data

Small Business CRM Sales Tools

  • Total client interaction tracking
  • Price of services provided
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Funnel analysis
  • Track projects from the outset
  • Sales activity management
  • Deal/client/activity filters
  • Team collaboration
  • Sales reps productivity tracker


  • Integrate with Gmail/GSuite
  • Reconstruct your sales pipelines
  • Set up additional custom fields
  • Set task visibility
  • Smooth client distribution
  • Configure user access control and permissions
  • Set up a team productivity tracker

Built-in Contact Center

  • IP telephony
  • Call recording
  • One-click calling
  • Answer inbound calls
  • Send emails right in a profile
  • Email tracking
  • Track Mailchimp marketing campaigns

More than just a CRM

  • Google Calendar sync
  • Create tasks and schedule them
  • Create tasks in a certain deal or a contact profile
  • Leave comments in task profiles
  • Delegate tasks with ease
  • Get new task notifications and reminders

If you are in search of a CRM that will streamline your small business, sign up for Friday CRM right now. Friday CRM keeps your business flowing without costing your fortune.

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