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Friday CRM is a free, cloud-based CRM platform, suitable for any small business or midsize organization. No need to install anymore apps.

Web-Based, Fast-Loading CRM

Desktop CRMs slowing down your computer or cause error messages? Your PC freezes or crashing from time to time? You can’t hear yourself over the whirring hard drive? To extend your computer’s lifespan, you should check out online CRMs. They can load very fast in any browser. Additionally, all of them are mobile responsive; thus, users are able to track deals from anywhere without access to a desktop computer.

However, choosing an ideal online CRM is challenging. Nagging popups or various gotchas can slow down your work. Instead of bringing clients, leads, and deals, they bring headaches.

This is where Friday CRM comes in. No popups or gotchas. No crashes or errors. No noisy hard drive or laptop fan. The Friday CRM interface includes all the essential functions. You can make calls right from the CRM and create emails there, integrate your account with Gmail, track your Mailchimp marketing in the Friday CRM interface, and monitor team productivity. Friday CRM is not just a CRM. It’s a scheduler, a task manager, a planner, and a contact center.

If you sign up right now, you will be able to use Friday CRM now and forever for free. However, bear in mind this is only for a limited time! Just be sure to create your permanently free account soon.

Basic Features

  • Contact database
  • Web-based CRM
  • Team time & productivity tracker
  • Free mobile version
  • Gmail/G Suite integration
  • Google Calendar integration
  • API
  • Sales funnel management
  • IP telephony


  • No crashes
  • No errors
  • Never freeze
  • Minimum system requirements
  • Fast-loading CRM
  • Optimized for all browsers
  • Mobile responsive

Free All-in-One CRM

  • Call with only one click whenever you wish
  • Create as many contacts as you want
  • Compose as many emails as you’d like
  • Set a limitless number of tasks
  • Create a limitless number of deals
  • No limit or restriction pop-ups
  • Export and import data
  • Smooth client distribution
  • Simple lead qualification

Fully Flexible

  • Integrate with Gmail/GSuite and manage its settings
  • Create your sales funnels
  • Add additional custom contact/deals properties
  • Tailor a productivity tracker for your team
  • Configure user access control and permissions
  • Set task visibility

Built-in Contact Center

  • Send emails right from a profile
  • Receive mail right in the CRM
  • Make calls and answer them
  • Calls recording
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Monitor Mailchimp marketing campaigns

Planner and Scheduler

  • Google Calendar synchronization
  • Create and schedule tasks
  • Leave comments in task profiles
  • Delegate tasks
  • Link tasks to a certain deal or a contact
  • Get notifications and reminders about a new task

If you need a fast-loading CRM that will never slow down work in your company, sign up for free right now and work with Friday CRM smoothly.

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