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Does Your Free CRM Have All the Sales Tools It Needs?

To establish good customer relationships, an operational CRM must include the following sales tools to automate workflow and save time:

Friday CRM has all the sales tools mentioned above and even more features. It doesn’t have any annoying pop-ups or unexpected limits. On top of that, Friday CRM is completely free-of-charge right now.

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Basic Features

  • Contact management
  • Web-based CRM
  • Optimized for all browsers
  • API
  • Personnel time & productivity tracker
  • Google Calendar synchronization
  • Integration with Gmail and GSuite
  • IP telephony

Lead management

  • Build your sales pipelines
  • Smooth lead distribution
  • Simple lead qualification
  • Total contact interaction history
  • Deal/client/sales activity filters
  • Create and customize fields

Sales Funnel

  • Build your sales funnel
  • Track current deals from start to finish
  • Successfully lead clients through funnel
  • Use the dashboard to visualize the results
  • Funnel analysis

Email Marketing

  • Mailchimp integration
  • Tracking email marketing campaigns from the deal or client profiles
  • Automate emailing
  • Compose and send personalized emails
  • Capture inbound emails

Built-in Contact Center

  • Keep in touch with your customers directly from Friday CRM
  • IP telephony
  • One-click calling
  • Call recording
  • All client interactions in one place

It’s not just a CRM

  • Never lose track of follow-ups
  • Create tasks in a deal or a client profile
  • Manage your to-do lists
  • Receive new task notifications and reminders
  • Delegate tasks with ease
  • Fast uploading
  • Configure access control and permissions for employees

If you are in search of a free CRM with all the essential sales tools, sign up for Friday CRM right now. With it, you will always keep up with current deals and complete your tasks faster.

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