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When just starting out, any small business or start-up faces two challenges: balancing the budget and automating client communication. Meeting both these needs is top priority; without these, the company runs the risk of going under. Both of these goals can be achieved with a free CRM.

It doesn’t matter if you work in AI, VR & AR, or develop programming tools, you will have to collaborate with clients or investors. A CRM is the perfect tool for the job. CRMs are already being used in hundreds of projects in the spheres of Adtech, Analytics, Biotech, Construction, Developer Tools, Insurance, Language Learning, Marketplaces, and the Media Market.

$0 for Everything

However, you should take into account that all free CRMs have a number of limitations. They may slow down your work and prevent you from implementing your startup ideas. Here, you need a free CRM without any restrictions. The solution is Friday CRM. Its functions include Gmail/G Suite integration, IP telephony integration, email marketing, an unlimited number of contacts and deals, and database exporting.

Basic Functions

  • Project pipeline
  • Cloud-based platform
  • Gmail and G Suite integration
  • IP telephony integration
  • Mailchimp email marketing
  • Automatic call recording
  • API connection
  • Employee time & productivity tracker
  • Mobile friendly
  • Client database
  • Database exporting

Contact Management

  • Full Sales Cycle Management
  • Customizable client profile
  • Communication history in a profile
  • Sales activity analysis in profiles (emails, calls, notes, etc.)
  • Hide phone numbers for data security

Startup CRM Sales Tools

  • Total client interaction tracking
  • Price of services provided
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • One-click calling and call recording
  • Track projects from the outset
  • Sales activity management
  • Email tracking
  • Project/client/activity filters
  • Personnel productivity tracker
  • Team collaboration
  • Funnel analysis

Calendar & Task Management

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Create tasks right on a project or contact profile
  • Open, completed, and overdue task tracker
  • Delegate tasks
  • Time & productivity tracker
  • Sales personnel full visibility
  • Sales reporting tools in TimeTracker
  • Get push and email notifications about new tasks
  • Set task visibility
  • Leave comments on task profiles

Lead & Project Management

  • Qualify processes easily
  • Successfully lead clients through funnel
  • Monitor all client interactions and sales activities in project profiles
  • Convert a potential project into a successful sale
  • Smooth client distribution
  • Customizable project profile

If you want to spend less time on mundane organizational issues and more time on your projects, sign up for free now and keep everything in check with Friday CRM.

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