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Friday CRM is a free cloud CRM that will work well for any small business organization. No need to set up appts anymore and customer data is always at hand.

Free Cloud CRM for Small Business

When starting out in a small business, there are a lot of tasks to handle: track sales and current deals, organize deals, manage customer relationships, answer calls and emails. Tackling them without any tools to help you is problematic. That is why a CRM is so valuable for small businesses. To let each sales rep access your contact database, you need to use cloud CRMs. All the data is in the cloud. Any team member is able to open a contact or deal profile quickly from a laptop or a smartphone anywhere.

Friday CRM is a CRM without any gotchas or popups. With aFriday CRM account, you can organize your data, integrate it with other Gmail and Google Calendar, monitor sales activities, set up a sales pipeline, and get an overview of deals that are won or lost. Moreover, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. It’s free-of-charge.

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Essential Features

  • Contact management
  • Free cloud CRM
  • Mobile responsive
  • API
  • Personnel time & productivity tracker
  • Google Calendar integration
  • Integration with Gmail and GSuite
  • Funnel overview
  • IP telephony

100 % Free All-in-One CRM

  • Simple lead qualification
  • Call with one click
  • Limitless number of tasks
  • No nagging notifications
  • No data caps
  • Export and import data

Small Business CRM Sales Tools

  • Total contact interaction tracking
  • Deal/client/activity filters
  • Funnel analysis
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Track projects from the beginning
  • Sales activity management
  • Personal collaboration
  • Sales rep productivity tracker


  • Build your sales pipelines
  • Set task visibility
  • Smooth customer distribution
  • Add custom fields
  • Integrate with Gmail/GSuite/Google Calendar
  • Configure user access control and permissions
  • Set a team productivity tracker

Built-in Contact Center

  • IP telephony
  • Call with one click
  • Call recording
  • Answer calls
  • Send emails right from a profile
  • Track Mailchimp marketing campaigns

It is not just a CRM

  • Google Calendar synchronization
  • Create tasks in a certain deal or a contact profile
  • Schedule tasks
  • Leave comments in task profiles
  • Receive new task notifications and reminders
  • Delegate tasks with ease

If you are looking for a tool that will help handle your daily tasks, sign up for Friday CRM right now. With it, your business will thrive, and Friday CRM won’t cost you anything.

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